Every year, tripadvisor.com announces the Travelers' Choice top ten beach destinations in the United States. For potential vacationers, this is helpful in narrowing the search, but as beach cleaner professionals, this offers a fun chance to lear about how customers like their beaches.  7/10 of the top beaches are cleaned by tine raking beach cleaners. Check out the list here!

Red tides lead to beaches full of dead fish, which result in beach closings, loss of reputation, ruined vacations, and loss of potential capital. Additionally, the bloated, baking fish that wash up on shore create health hazards for individuals who clean beaches and for the local inhabitants. Learn how beach cleaners can help clean up this 'fishy' hazard.

A primary consideration for most beach cleaner purchasers is how much the machine will cost—not only in the initial purchase, but also over time. A beach cleaner’s ability to function optimally with minimal maintenance hours and costs is key to getting the job done for less. In order to help you know the right questions to ask to keep maintenance costs down over the long-haul, we’ve laid out the top five beach cleaner cost and maintenance questions to ask manufacturers. Feel free to comment and add other ones you feel are important!